Find everything you need to keep your pet clean, his coat smooth and glossy, and her teeth strong and white. Our staff helps you find the products you need for a home grooming routine so you can save money and spend quality time caring for your pet yourself.

A spa experience

Healthy Paws carries an extensive selection of shampoos and conditioners for any kind of coat or fur. Whether your pet has tender skin, dandruff, long hair, or even fleas and ticks, we have a product to take care of him!

Browse spa quality products from BioGroom, Could Star, Earthbath, Nature's Miracle, TropiClean, Synergy Labs, Zymox and more.

Dental health

Many owners overlook their pet's dental health - and find themselves paying for it down the road at their vet's office for treatments and extractions.

Keep your pet's teeth clean with toothpastes, brushes, and other products. Brands we carry include DDS Dental, In Clover, Pet Naturals, Petz Life, Plaque Off, TropiClean, Whimzees, Zukes, and Zymox.

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Our grooming products are just one of the categories we carry for your dog or your cat.